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Nicole Pihan

Visual designer and freelance journalist based in Oslo, currently immersed in the vibrant world of UX design, bringing a creative and aesthetic touch blended with strong research basis to every project.

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About me

I am a passionate visual designer dedicated to crafting immersive and user-centric experiences. Armed with a soon-to-be-completed Professional Diploma from the UX Design Institute and awarded a BA Hons in Journalism, I specialize in transcending conventional design boundaries.

My expertise encompasses delivering compelling static and visual designs tailored for presentations, commercials, and brand identity development. Proficient in industry-leading tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, I seamlessly blend creativity with technical prowess.

What sets me apart is my commitment to merging aesthetics with meaningful research. Beyond my design proficiency, I contribute as a freelance journalist, integrating compelling storytelling with my data skills. Recognizing the impact of data on design, I navigate the delicate balance between quantitative and qualitative research, ensuring my creations resonate with both precision and emotion.

I firmly believe that the best designs emerge from a fusion of aesthetics and a thorough understanding of customer needs. It's not just about visuals; it's about crafting an experience that anticipates and fulfills the unspoken desires of the audience. Join me on this exciting journey, where every pixel tells a story, and design goes beyond the surface to touch the essence of user experience.

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Beyond the visual symphony of designs, I find enchantment in the eloquence of words. Allow me to invite you into a realm where creativity meets expression. Here are glimpses of my writing—a tapestry of words that captivate and breathe life into narratives. Curious to explore more or considering collaboration? Join me on this journey where the art of language takes center stage, and let's create something extraordinary together.

Revealed: EU's dirty trade in livestock

It’s just after midnight at a factory farm in South Jutland, Denmark, and 170 pigs are being loaded onto a waiting transport lorry. The animals are beginning a two day journey that will take them halfway around the world, starting with an overland trip down to the German border, before travelling the length of the country and exiting into Luxembourg. From there the consignment heads to the international airport, where the pigs are unloaded and transferred onto a jet that will fly them more than

Environment Agency pension fund invested in manufacturers of toxic weedkillers

The Environment Agency, the body charged with protecting the English countryside from pollution, has millions of pounds invested in agrochemical giants that make toxic chemicals including banned pesticides.

The investments, made via its pension fund, total at least £2.35m as of the last financial year, according to analysis of pension fund data carried out by i.

Companies the EA has direct investments in include German multinational Bayer, a manufacturer of neonicotinoids, which are banned in

‘People are here from across the world. Am I scared? No.’ Kingston University Chinese students facing discrimination after coronavirus outbreak | River Online

Kingston students are shunning Asian classmates over misplaced fears about the killer coronavirus outbreak, Chinese learners have claimed.

Universities have been put on alert after a Chinese student at York University became the first person to test positive for the flu-like disease that has killed more than 600, mainly in central China.

Was it because I am white? Nicole Pihan on coronavirus discrimination | River Online

Was it because I am white? Nicole Pihan on coronavirus discrimination

Some call the Coronavirus an ‘Asian disease’ and they could not be more wrong.

The world is in the midst of a global health emergency, and we should not be allowing racism to overcome the tragedy.

The media focuses strongly on the death toll and has influenced west to believe that once you have the virus, you are basically done for. People fear that they will become infected by merely walking past an Asian person.

In the m

Cases of coronavirus in Kingston keep rising as NHS declares the highest level of risk | River Online

Kingston University plans to remain open despite the first cases of coronavirus confirmed in the local area.

As cases continue to rise in the UK, a spokeswoman for Kingston University said students should go about their normal routine.

“The health, welfare and safety of all our students and staff remains our top priority as the UK continues to deal with the ongoing public health implications of the virus."

One giant leap for woman-kind – women need more confidence to know their value | River Online

One giant leap for woman-kind – women need more confidence to know their value

Samira Ahmed won her case against the BBC and will be paid £700,000 to make up the for the difference in her salary, which she was convinced she deserved. And to be honest, well done!

Although this issue is due to sexism, there is still one area surrounding this case that I feel like no one is talking about – confidence.

I know my facts. The gender pay gap is currently at 17.3 per cent, and it widens as women grow

Books on the Underground is back to get London commuters reading

People worldwide are increasingly choosing their phones over books while they travel. But some say that trend is affecting our ability to concentrate, increasing our stress levels and worsening our language skills. Could giving away free books encourage us bleary-eyed commuters to start reading, improve our health and stir our imaginations?

Enter Books on the Underground. Founded in 2012 and recently revived, this initiative leaves books at tube stations for people to find, read and return to t

Kingston University Big Read gets even bigger with new scheme for secondary schools | River Online

Kingston University plans to make The Big Read a borough-wide scheme for secondary schools in Kingston upon Thames.

The shared reading scheme, Read Up! Kingston, is an initiative born from the success of the KU Big Read, which allows for a smoother transition between educational institutions by introducing a book to all students to create common ground.

The scheme was launched with five secondary schools in Kingston last year.

Kingston University 2020 Big Read shortlist announced | River Online

Kingston University’s Big Read scheme announced their shortlist of six books this week.

This is the sixth year of the project, and the shortlist was chosen from over 200 titles suggested by students and staff at the University.

Founder of the Big Read Alison Baverstock said: “We take a lot of trouble choosing the book to have something that gives an impression of Kingston.”

It is essential for novels to feature the UK, a city and upbeat themes.

Top 10 local arts classes to try out

LARA (The London Atelier of Representational Art) was founded in 2008. Ever since, it has been sharing its knowledge of drawing, painting and sculpting with its esteemed atelier method. As per its philosophy, ‘By employing traditional, time-tested methods’, LARA seeks not to return to the past, but rather to build upon it. LARA helps and encourages the sales of pieces created by their students too.

Mon/Wed/Thru 18:30-20:30

Drop-in sessions starting at £10 throughout the week

LARA London, Cl

Little Women could be best movie to see this Christmas | River Online

With Netflix failing, so far this season, to surprise us with something great, Boxing Day never looked so exciting.

Little Women is the newest remake of an 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott which, when only depending on the book or previous versions of the movie, would be appealing to a very selected audience of incredible romantics or classic loving women. But with the touch of cream of the crop, of the Hollywood actors and outstanding interpretation from the director, Greta Gerwig’s, this movie feels like more than just a great holiday season entertainment.

The Script gives “the most intimate of intimate shows” in Kingston | River Online

Irish band The Script played their New Album Release concert at Kingston PRYZM on Monday, November 25, to get back where they started off.

With their sixth album Sunsets and Full Moons out since November 8, the famous rock band started touring around England playing in smaller venues: “Welcome to this most intimate of intimate shows,” said Daniel O’Donoghue, lead vocalist on Monday at the Kingston concert venue.

Science Degree To Rap Career: Kingston University Graduate Chef Grizzy | River Online

Recent Kingston University pharmaceutical science graduate Jamal Dexter Dolor aka Chef Grizzy is a rising star in the London rap arena, and has released his first music video which is gaining thousands of views.
The 25-year-old artist understands the value of education but decided to follow his life long passion: “Music was always plan A. Anything else is plan B, it is of course very important to have something to fall back on but as it goes, I’m very much enjoying my journey within music.”

The newest album from Irish originated band The Script: all or nothing? | River Online

Those who know The Script will confirm it. Those who are yet to discover them will eventually come to this conclusion. They are like a long-term relationship: it is starting to be difficult for them to surprise us.

Once again Irish-originated band brought upon us, their nostalgic ballade style with powerful lyrics and ear-catching music but introduced, almost, nothing new with nine songs on the Sunsets & Full Moons album.

London Film Festival on the road to embracing gender equality | River Online

Let’s hear it for the girls! The BFI London Film Festival is ripe with pure female directorial talent.

From A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood directed by Marielle Heller to The Other Lamb by Malgorzata Szumowska, over 40 per cent of the movies at the Festival has a woman director mark on them.

To put this in perspective, only two movies directed by a female were shown during the Venice Film Festival this year.

Kingston University graduate awarded with prestigious design internship | River Online

A recent KU graduate was awarded two weeks placement with JDO for a zero-alcohol tequila design project.

Suzy Brewer, who graduated with a BA in Graphic Design amazed the jury with the design of a new non-alcohol brand. She admits that her success came unexpectedly: “Initially I wasn’t going to submit it. I thought it was good enough for the portfolio but not good enough for JDO.”